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NexTrex Label | NexTrex

Providing a free package labeling initiative as part of its NexTrex Retail Recycling Program
NexTrex Label | NexTrex
2024-06-24 Nextrex Label, label
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NexTrex Label
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NexTrex Label
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The Trex Company is pleased to provide a free package labeling initiative as part of its NexTrex Retail Recycling Program. This new labeling option allows brands that sell products in recyclable packaging to inform consumers about how to easily and responsibly dispose of packaging material, while also promoting their commitment to sustainability and involvement in the largest store drop off program in the country.

Benefits of the NexTrex Label
Trex offers a sustainable solution for packaging once it has served its primary purpose. The NexTrex label certifies that the packaging has been evaluated and approved by Trex to be recycled by Trex. The NexTrex label assures consumers that they have the option to recycle packaging at grocery store drop off locations all over the United States. Trex is the largest U.S. recycler of polyethylene film. Trex partners with grocery and retails stores throughout the U.S. to recycle PE film collected from consumers. There is no cost to get your products certified for recycling through Trex.
VIDEO NexTrex Provides Sustainable Solutions For PE Waste Packaging

Film Packaging Guidelines

Film Physical Requirements:

Any thickness/gauge Film Good efforts to eliminate moisture or residual content presence Any color No interweaving or reinforcements made of non-polymeric materials (i.e. metal wiring, etc.) Good faith efforts to remove paper from any packaging including wax liners, receipts, cardboard inserts and inlays, etc.

NexTrex Label Approval Criteria
First, the packaging must be PE or material with equivalent in properties of PE. Second, the packaging must be tested with the contents to ensure that the contents do not impact the recyclability. Contents should be dry goods that produce very little residue. Lastly, 75% product market segment must also be packaged in PE packaging.

Extremely low process tolerance for low melt adhesion additives Film/liners/bags that previously contained chemicals of any nature Biohazardous waste/medical supply packaging Flammable or otherwise regulated waste liners/packaging
Packaging Approval Process

NexTrex Packaging Label Examples

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After you recycle your bags and film with NexTrex, close the recycling loop by purchasing decking made from recycled plastic bags and film. TREX DECKING